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TASTE Cocktails

December 2nd, 2015

TASTE1We’re big fans of Crowdfunding , we think it’s a great way for firms to connect directly with their fans and customers. We’ve backed a number of projects and businesses over the years, some good, some not so good, but every now and again a product pitch catches our eye that we feel needs talking about.

TASTE Cocktails are currently crowdfunding over at, one of the biggest names in UK Crowdfunding, and Camden Town Brewery recently completed a very successful campaign on (you may have seen their adverts across UK media and even on the Tube!)

Founded by Toby Vacher in 2014, TASTE Cocktails aim is to bring top quality cocktails to the home. Aimed firmly at keen spirits and cocktails enthusiasts rather than professional mixologists, their kits contain a variety of top quality spirits, mixers and all the other ingredients you need to make a top-notch cocktail at home.

The kits are available individually and Toby and the team have clearly tried to cover as many bases as possible with regards taste, as they have classics such as The Daiqirui, The Aviation, The Bramble alongside slightly more unusual sets like their Mezcal & Chartreuse box. Each box is available individually for £29, for which you get enough to make between 5 and 6 cocktails, and a recipe book which explains the ingredients and includes both the classic recipe and a modern twist.

As well as individual boxes, TASTE Cocktails also offer Subscriptions, tapping into the growing market in the UK for regular treats in the post, a concept we admit to being a massive fan of. Subscriptions are £24 a month, with discounts available the longer the subscription.

We haven’t yet tried one of these kits, but from a quick look through their sets admit to being very impressed with the range and quality of spirits and other ingredients included. Here at All Star Cask we can already imagine breaking open one of these in the office on a Friday afternoon or at home and having an experiment with friends and family. We’re also eyeing up a couple as Christmas presents too.

Let’s get back to the Crowdfunding though. TASTE Cocktails are looking to raise investment money to keep up with the sales figures which have been going up and up since TASTE’s first kit shipped in 2014. Extra funding will allow TASTE to hire more staff, which in turn will generate more sales.

By investing on Crowdcube, you not only get to be part of something amazing, but you also get equity in the company. On top of all of that, TASTE Cocktails are also offering a number of rewards for investors, starting from as little as £25, which gets you a £5 voucher off a subscription, or a £10 voucher off an individual kit. Rewards go up from there and can include free kits, free subscriptions, party invites and even personal discount codes for life for the biggest investors!

But that’s enough from us, here’s Toby talking about TASTE Cocktails in his own words:

TASTE cocktails helps you make amazing, bar-quality cocktails at home! We sell DIY cocktail kits based on a classic recipe, with modern variations, and all the premium ingredients you need to make 5-6 drinks. We tell you how to make them, tips on technique, and the story and history behind each ingredient and recipe.

Join our monthly subscription to learn about and try new ingredients and recipes every month. Buy single kits from our online range, or in select high-street stores, and learn more about the history and story behind your cocktails in our online magazine.

TASTE cocktails’ kits are ideal for someone wanting to learn more about the world of mixology, for partners having a night in, for friends round the dinner table, and ideal as a gift for family, friends, weddings or Christmas.

Discover your new favourite cocktail!













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