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This is the first of (hopefully) many guest reviews that we’ll be featuring on All Star Cask. This month we have The Gentleman Rumster with his review of Takamaka 8 so without further ado here it is:

Gather round, gather round. Well… thank you. Gentleman Rumster here. Got a delightful little update to give you following a smashing time at Rumfest. You know the deal; Lots of Rum, lots of tastings, lots of passionate people.

It’s very easy to be overwhelmed at these things… never really sure who the stars are. Give it a couple of days, the marketing waffle falls away and suddenly it all becomes clear: We want rum-makers with passion. The folks at Takamaka Bay just seemed to lift Rumfest for me. The distillery is like a boyhood fantasy turned real for the two brothers from the Seychelles; Taken from a dilapidated wreck a decade ago to the only “serious” rum makers on the island. Frankly Herculean. But more importantly when they talk you know they care and, more, they want to share.

The Gentleman’s View

The gem of their crop is the Takamaka St Andre 8, a beautiful rum that really shows the passion they’ve put in and the delight a quality rum can give.


Apart from the usual caramel, honey and vanilla, there are hints of banana that give a really nice depth and roundness


That banana goes massive on the palette giving a lovely set of flavours in the front of the mouth. This is definitely a smooth and sweet rum and thankfully misses the “burn-y” after-taste you can get with some rums. This is clearly a drink for those who like a complex palette – we can see that Takamaka have whiskey drinkers in their sites. Refreshingly this isn’t a rum that tries to mimic a peaty flavour, but it bold enough to develop something special of their own.


Clear lines, reminiscent of a Plymouth Gin bottle, gives the Rum a distinction and art deco elegance. Something that isn’t overtly showy… Pure Class. However, the label is clumsy and doesn’t reflect the elegance the bottle and the taste deserve. The red band clashes with the golden colours of the drink and the other elements of the label.

Rumster’s Rating

Little tradition used to be a whiskey at the end of the night. Sent one to bed happy. This is definitely a contender for creating new traditions. Personally, I want to see this drink shouted about. So next you’re out, you get to the point where you torn between your 12, 15 or older rums. Try something new and order Takamaka St Andre 8 – I’ve said enough.


Thanks Gentleman Rumster for a great review, we also got to try the Takamaka 8 at Rumfest and really enjoyed it and we’re pleased to report that the St Andre 8 can now be purchased from The Whisky Exchange for a very reasonable £39.95 along with the rest of the Takamaka range here 

If you’d like to read up on the entire range, Takamaka have kindly sent us their Product Sheet which contains further details on the other rums in the range.


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