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RedLeg rum is a new spiced Caribbean rum produced by Blavod Wines and Spirits who are best known for their signature Blavod vodka.

It was launches at the end of March 2012 and is a premium spiced rum aimed at the ever growing number of spiced rum drinkers, a market which has recently seen a lot of new spiced rums launched.

The rum is a blended mix of Caribbean rums and although we asked we were told the exact blend is a secret mix from a variety of Caribbean islands.


A soon as you open the bottle you get waves of vanilla as is the norm with spiced rum, but after pouring into a glass the vanilla gives way to subtle aromas of ginger combined with a burnt caramel smell.


Surprisingly on first taste, RedLeg isn’t as sweet as I was expecting from the initial sweetness on the nose. It’s very smooth with almost no burn at all. The vanilla and burnt caramel continue and the after taste is where you can taste the ginger, adding a pleasant bite. Although it was possible to sip we felt it doesn’t have the depth of flavour to stand up to aged rums and we’re unlikely to choose this as an evening sipper. RedLeg is clearly aimed to be drunk with a mixer so after trying neat we dug out some mixers.

First we mixed 25ml Redleg with cola (Pepsi Max being the house-cola here at ASC) and the juice of half a lime to make a ‘RedLeg Libre’  which made for a very refreshing version of a classic but while the vanilla came through clearly we couldn’t help feel the more spiced notes of the rum were lost in this mix.

Next we used the other half of our lime with 25ml RedLeg and topped it off with Ginger Beer and plenty ice. This really brought the rum alive and all the spiced notes that went missing above came crashing back with anger. A lovely refreshing drink with a real bite gives a great summer evening drink, and is our recommended way of drinking RedLeg.


In the bottle, RedLeg looks a stunning burnt orange colour which strangely doesn’t come across when poured out. Featured prominently on the label is the RedLeg Hermit Crab, native to the Caribbean which helps to “capture the spirit of the Caribbean”.  The bottle is topped with a cork stopper which is quite rare for a rum at the price point and really helps it stand out as a premium rum despite it’s low price.


Country: Caribbean (no specific island mentioned)

ABV: 37.5%

Price: £20 for a 70cl bottle


A genuinely impressive spiced rum, which at the price point is probably the best in the fast growing market at the moment.

All Star Cask rating: 3/5


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