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Rum: A Global History is a recently published book in the Edible Books series.

It’s authored by Richard Foss who provided a whistlestop tour of the history of Rum from it’s very beginning all the way to modern cocktails and the increase in rum drinking enthusiasts around the globe.

Foss’s writing style suits the subject matter perfectly, providing a fascinating overview without going into too much technical detail (a fact which Foss acknowledges and humbly recommends better books on the subjects when they arise).  Foss also includes quotes from other books on Rum, some great traditional cocktail recipes as well as verses from popular songs and sea-shanties from the era.

So, if you want to gain such fascinating rum-related knowledge as:

  • What role George Washington played in the history of Rum
  • Which country banned the production of Rum
  • Which Pirate used to strike fear into his adversaries by drinking flaming rum
  • The only cocktail recipe (to our knowledge) which calls for a flaming hot poker to be added to the mixture
  • And much more!

You can buy Rum: A Global History from or from your local bookstore

You can also read more about the Author on his website and

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