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We first tried the original Ron de Jeremy at Rumfest 2011 and were impressed enough to go out and buy a bottle (#11739 if you’re into that sort of thing). The Reserva made quite a big splash in the rum world, especially in the states where there is a trend for alcohol backed by celebrity names however the Reserva stood out as it’s a very respectable rum, expertly blended by Pancho Fernandez and earning the Gold Medal at the International Rum Conference 2012 in Madrid as well as being nominated for Best New Golden Rum at Rumfest 2011.

With an award winning rum gaining accolades across the globe you may think One Eyed Spirits (the company who own the Ron de Jeremy brand)  would sit back and relax but oh no, that’s not Ron’s style. We’d heard the rumours of a Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum a few months before Rumfest 2012 and were hoping to be able to try some at Rumfest itself, but the guys from Spirit Cartel (UK distributor for both the Ron de Jeremy rums) were tight-lipped about a UK release only confirming that it was “on it’s way” and to look for it in the new year.

So the new year arrived and it certainly sets off what’s looking to be a bright 2013 for rum releases as we can confirm the Ron de Jeremy Spiced has landed in the UK and is available now!

As is popular with Spiced rums at the moment, the Ron de Jeremy Spiced is bottled at two different ABVs, 35% and 47%. Unusually (but luckily), the UK is getting the original 47% version, the same as the US version. The 35% version will be released across the rest of Europe first and we hear that we may see it in the UK at some point in the future.

What’s rare for a spiced rum is that the Ron de Jeremy Spiced makes it clear that the rum is from Panama. A lot of spiced rums recently keep the country of origin of their rum stocks a closely guarded secret so it’s a refreshing (and very welcome) sign that it’s made clear that the RdJ Spiced is proud of it’s Panamanian rum, and so it should be.


Sweet but not as sweet as other spiced rums, lovely caramel notes and vanilla which compliments rather than dominates.


Remarkable smooth and very rich and would make for a decent sipper which feels like an intentional choice by the blender as it has none of the harshness of other spiced rums which are aimed purely at mixing. The spice notes make for a lovely warming finish and the vanilla is so subtle but rounds out the finish very nicely.


Simple tall bottle with screw-top cap. Dominated by Ron’s portrait (also available on tee-shirts). We especially like the “never do anything Ron wouldn’t do” next to the responsible drinking warning.

Mix It Up

As well as a sipper, this rum does mix exceptionally well. We tried it in a simple mix with cola and lime and the spiced rum really brings out the cola nut flavour and makes for a delicious easy to mix cocktail for home.


Country: Panama

ABV: 47%

Price: ~£25

Where to Try

The following bars are currently stocking Ron de Jeremy Spiced in London

Maddox – Mayfair

Aqua – Soho

Harry’s Bar – City of London

Dstrkt – Soho

Disiac – Soho

Where to Buy

Ron de Jeremy Spiced rum is currently available from & Gerry’s Wine and Spirits

Further Information

If you’d like some further information about this rum (or the original Ron de Jeremy Reserva), have a look at the Product Sheet 

And if we’ve really grabbed your interest, no article about Ron de Jeremy would be complete without mentioning their very interesting crowd-funding initiative where by you can become a part of the legend and own a share of the Ron de Jeremy brand. For full details of the proposal (including the amazing perks and the boring legal stuff) have a look at the Factsheet for Investors

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