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Clarkes Court – Old Grog

April 15th, 2013

Clarke’s Court is a well known brand of rum distillers having been in operation since the 1930’s and the largest on the island of Grenada. Entrepreneurial company Ramsey Rum (who you may have heard of as the sponsors of last years Rum Blogger Of The Year award at the Golden Barrel Awards – don’t worry we’re not trying to buy votes!) working alongside Hire the Barman, have started a renewed push for the Clarke’s Court family of Rums onto the UK scene and that’s being led by their Old Grog Rum.

Old Grog is a blend of molasses rums aged between 4 and 12 years, despite no age claim listed on the bottle. During the ageing process both Whiskey and Bourbon barrels are used, which are then blended together which makes for a lovely golden amber colour in the bottle. Not as dark as some other rums in the category which we’re pleased to report is down to the fact that no additional colouring is added. Close controls are placed on the barrel selection phase to ensure a consistent result in flavour and colour during the ageing process. Old Grog is bottled in-country at 40% ABV.


We picked up notes of banana and sherbet. The smell is very sweet with almost no smell of alcohol.


Although tasting quite watery at first, this actually helps the smoothness when sipping as there is very little burn. The banana flavour is prominent and the after taste is a very nice mellow finish of fruit with a slight oak flavour from the cask.


We loved the presentation, with the bottle presented in a drawstring canvas sack bearing the Old Grog name and sailing ship, hailing back to the naval days where the name Grog originally came from. The bottle itself is simple with a gold screw-cap top and a label which goes into more detail about the naval history of the rum (we won’t spoil it – you’ll have to buy a bottle and read for yourself!)

Mix it up

Old Grog fits in a nice price point where it’s pleasant enough to sip and enjoy but also affordable enough that should you want to, you shouldn’t feel guilty about mixing (what we call a “Sip ‘n’ Mixer”). We tried it in a classic Cuba Libre where the banana and fruit notes really help create a refreshing tropical drink which was very nice, even giving well known rums like Bacardi 8 a run for its money.


Country: Grenada

ABV: 40%

Price: ~£30

Where to buy

Old Grog is on sale online from Master of Malt or TheDrinkShop and also available from Gerry’s Wine and Spirits in Soho, London.


Although not a new rum, often experience wins out and its clear to see why this rum has picked up many awards in the last 10 years, most recently winning Gold at the World Spirits Awards in 2010. For anyone who enjoys a more fruity drink for their cocktails, we recommend seeking out a bottle of Old Grog.

Special Offer

Ramsey Rum will be hosting a stall at this years Foodies Festival in Clapham Common later in the year (June 7th – 9th) and have very kindly offered a special deal to readers of All Star Cask. Any readers who tweet a link to this review using @OldGrogRum & @AllStarCask will be able to claim a whopping 25% off a bottle of Old Grog purchased on the day. But that’s not all! Ramsey Rum are also offering 2 for the price of 1 on Cocktails bought at the festival so get Tweeting!

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