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Brugal Especial Extra Dry

November 14th, 2013

Well, we haven’t done a full review for a while, so when the very kind people at Sinuate Media asked if we’d like to review Brugal’s signature white rum, the Especial Extra Dry, we couldn’t turn them down.

Brugal are a long established rum company, hailing from the Dominican Republic and established in 1888. Their rum is exceptionally popular in the Dominican, but if you recognise the name it’s likely because Brugal is increasing its presence in the European market, popping up in numerous bars and clubs but also stocked in a number of large supermarkets here in the UK.

In the UK market, the Especial Extra Dry is Brugal’s entry level white mixing rum. Priced at a reasonable £20, the Especial Extra Dry is branded as a step up from the other mixing rums on the market around this price. This is reflected in the packaging and styling of the bottle, with the Brugal signature string around the bottle and its crisp, clear branding helping it stand out on the shelf or bar back.

We’re told the Especial Extra Dry is a blend of rums aged for between 2 and 5 years and then triple filtered to remove any colouring. This slight longer aging than most white rums is noticeable, as the Especial Extra Dry is sippable with pleasant almond, coconut and vanilla flavours without too much burn, leaving a very dry and clean finish. We found the nose to be slightly too strong with alcohol, but this is to be expected from this age of spirit. It’s clear this rum is meant for mixing, and this is where the Dry part of the spirit really comes into play.

Although it certainly adds a nice depth to a rum and coke, we found the Especial Extra Dry really favoured classic cocktails. We made one of our favourite cocktails (and one we think best for testing white rums) – the Classic Daiquiri.

We used 50ml of Brugal Especial Extra Dry combined in a shaker with the juice from half a lime, 25ml of Sugar Syrup and a generous helping of crushed ice.

The dryness of this rum really helped add to the sharp kick you get when sipping a Daiquiri, and although the dryness might not be for everyone, we thought the coconut flavours combined with the lime made for a very delicious cocktail.


Country: Dominican Republic

ABV: 40%

Price: ~£20

Where to buy

The Whisky Exchange or Sainsbury’s supermarket

Transparency Statement: In the spirit of honest reviews, All Star Cask were provided with a bottle of Brugal Especial Extra Dry as a tasting sampler.

Find out more information at 

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