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Last Wednesday, All Star Cask were lucky enough to be invited along to an exclusive Rum & Chocolate tasting evening with Appleton Estate, hosted at Charbonnel et Walkers prestigious shop on Old Bond Street, London.

The night started with rum cocktails, expertly made by Mario who prepared Jamaican Mules featuring Appleton VX and  Rum Old Fashioneds made with Appleton 12.

Adam Lee, manager for the Old Bond Street boutique introduced the evening, explaining that this was the second of what he hoped was a series of Appleton and Charbonnel partnership events. He went onto to explain the rich history of Charbonnel et Walker, reminding us that they are the oldest retailer still trading on Bond Street and that they pride themselves in providing the finest quality English chocolate not only to customers visiting their shops but also via their Royal Warrant to the Royal Family themselves.

Adam handed over to Diane Edwards from Appleton Estate who reminded us that even though Charbonnel et Walker has a lot of history, Appleton Estate is still older, having been founded in 1749 compared to Charbonnel et Walker who were established in 1875.

Diane talked a bit about Rum production at Appleton, explaining that it is down to the use of traditional Copper pot stills that gives Appleton rum it’s unique taste and slight citrus finish.

We were lucky enough to have in our presence the newly appointed Jamaican High Commissioner, Aloun Assamba who said a few words about not only how passionate she is for Jamaica but also spoke about how much Rum is an essential part of life, a fact that we at All Star Cask of course heartily agree with.

Soon it was time for the first of the tastings. The Rum was the Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Extra and the first chocolate to be tasted was the Cecily chocolate produced by Charbonnel, named after the Chairman of Charbonnel et Walker’s daughter. It is a Butter Ganache Truffle and was a very smooth chocolate with a hint of caramel that matched the Appleton Rum very well.

The second chocolate to be tasted was a Milk Chocolate Praline, a very smooth and creamy delight, and a slight departure from Charbonnel et Walkers usual focus on dark chocolate.

The final chocolate to be paired with the Appleton 12 Rum was Charbonnel’s candied orange peel. This by far was the best match for the Rum, as it helped bring out and accentuate the citrus flavours found in the rum.

Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rum retails for approximately £35 and can be found at The Whisky Exchange 


The next Rum provided by Appleton was Koko Kanu, their coconut flavoured rum created with real cocunut essence. We all had a cheeky sip before the chocolates came round and I must say this rum really impressed me. It’s smoothness considering it’s bottled at 37.6% ABV is astounding and even for someone who’s not a big fan of coconut like me it was a delight! This rum works fantasticly on its own and would make a perfect after dinner treat or I imagine would work equally well mixed with some Pineapple juice or other tropical fruit. Diane explained that although this isn’t a new rum, it has recently gone through a redesign of the bottle and label (which now features the traditional Jamaican Lignum flower as well as the national bird of Jamaica the Doctor Bird) so keep a beady eye out for it on a shelf near you.

The first chocolate to be paired with this rum was a White Vanilla truffle, a lovely smooth truffle that melts in the mouth and went very well with the Koko Kanu rum.

The second chocolate was Charbonnel et Walkers Banana & Caramel Truffle which although nice was not as well suited to the rum as the previous one.

The final chocolate was a brand new one from the Charbonnel et Walker range, a Dark Chocolate Creme Coconut which came in tiny squares dipped in coconut which when you bit into it crumbled into deliciously smooth bits of coconut. Again the room agreed that the best had been saved for last and that this was the perfect accompaniment for the Koko Kanu Rum.

Koko Kanu retails for approximately £18 and can be found at The Whisky Exchange


Unfortunately the night was drawing to a close and after a few more of Mario’s lovingly prepared cocktails it was time to depart, goodybag in hand (a lovely box of Charbonnel et Walker’s famous champagne truffles – delicious!)

Thanks to the Charbonnel et Walker team and everyone at Appleton Estate for a deliciously enjoyably evening.

For further details on Appleton Estate or Charbonnel et Walker please visit their websites:



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