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Hi there and welcome to All Star Cask, a tiny little part of the web dedicated to rum news, reviews and ramblings.

I must admit I am relatively new to Rum, having only really started to appreciate the rich history, culturing and vast amount of different producers after a trip to Cuba in 2010.

Since then it’s been a relentless quest to learn as much as possible about this fantastic spirit, taking in the Ministry of Rum, The Floating Rum Shack and Charlosa Rum and reading as many books on the subject as possible.

I decided to make my own site as I wanted my own little slice of the web where I can ramble to my hearts contents about the Rums I love (as well as the ones I don’t) and if I can convince at least 1 extra person to give Rum a try, then that’s worthwhile in my book.

About me:

I live in London with my partner and 2 cats and if i’m not drinking, reading or writing about Rum you can find me playing computer games, Ballroom dancing or watching Formula 1.

Contact Details

Please feel free to send me an email to if there are things you love or hate about the site, I’ll read all the emails and promise to reply if I can.


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